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Views of Huahine

Views of Huahine

Whilst waiting for your visit to Maroe, and to give you a little flavour of the natural beauty of this island wich - even today - charms the polynesians themselves as well as the foreigners, we would like to take you on a fleeting photographic trip to the heart of Huahine

Somewhere, between Los Angeles and Tahiti... img
img ... and then, between Tahiti and Huahine
Arrival at the Huahine airport... img
img ... or harbor
... with, in each case, the traditional "Maeva" (Welcome) img
img Wake up at the Villa Pitate ; the bay of Maroe, at dawn
And then... let's go to the beach ! img
img ... or to the lagoon
Lemons from Huahine... img
img In Huahine Nui, a beach...
...and the Hotel Sofitel's garden img
img Morning' sun over the bay of Maroe...
and still at Maroe... a double arched rainbow img
img One of Huahine Iti's small white beaches
A "Marae", which was a sacred area in the past img
img The Relais Mahana's dock, in Huahine Iti
The ex-Huahine's property of ex-"Mister President" (G. Flosse) img
img The unusual brilliance of the sun setting over the bay of Maroe
A viewpoint in Huahine Iti img
img If, as in Venezia, a speedboat may sometimes sleep onto the water...
... more often, it flies over the laggon img
img Sunset over the lagoon, seen from the "Taote" (Doctor) Maelle's house...
Tropical flora (pandanus) img
img Coral, in Huahine Iti
... and Miss Océane, as an Islands' Vahine img
img The sacred eels of Faie (Huahine Nui)
Bay of Maroe, viewed from the Villa Pitate img
img From Huahine Iti towards Huahine Nui...
A swordfish (of more than 200 kg)... img
img ... that Océane is teasing
Friend Moana's house... img
img The main street of Fare (says "Faré"), centre of Huahine
One of the "fruits & vegetables" stands, in Fare img
img Before the fishing...
The beach, near Fare img
img Miss Océane... in the middle of her element
When the sand takes the place of the paint... (local art) img
img The local life, which is often punctuated with laughs...
Detached house of an unusual suburb... img
img At the end, the infinite...
"Le coeur un peu corsaire,
et l'âme un brin rebelle"

... Friend Stef, as an islands adventurer
img Drive, in Huahine Iti
The "local style" Renault-Espace car img
img Bay of Maroe - friend Raymond's canoe
The small neighbourhood restaurant ; the "Relais Mahana" img
img Another sympatic place (the "Pension Mauarii")
The terrace... img
img A "Tiki" (statue/divinity of the ancient Polynesia)
Local television - A cameraman at work... img
img A Vanilla plantation, in Huahine Nui
A completely different kind of plantation - much more illegal, this one ("Pakalolo" or Marijuana)... img
img A "Sunset" signed by Miss Erika...
The "Heiva" (July's festivities) in Huahine img


A brief break with the beach of Fare, firstly shown as a panorama...
... and, then, with more details


img Friend Carlos with, in his hands, one of the crabs for which Huahine is renowned for...
The specimen before... img
img ...and after the saucepan (!)
Friend Nico and friend Teora, each one bustling about his own activity... img
img Under the water surface...
The ever-present Polynesian past... img
img ... as it can be seen here, with this va'a (canoe) rower
Polynesian panoramas... img
img "Hibiscus"...
... and "Monettes" flowers from Huahine Nui img
img The cruises liner "Tahitian Princess", after his weekly day spent in the bay of Maroe
A completely different (but not less sympathic) cruise, in the lagoon of Huahine Iti img
img A 'Local Style' "Fare" (house - says 'Faré') ...
... and friend Teora, as a guardian of the place img
img The pearl farm, in Faie (Huahine Nui)
PolynésiaS... img
img Combining "tradition" (pareo & crown) and "modernity" (watch & sunglasses), one of the huahinean tourism's actor...
One example of the traditionnal armchair img
img Friend K., rowing his "pirogue" on the lagoon
"Coconut palm", artistically seen by friend Caro(lyne) img
img Still by the lattest, a double 'monette'("en français dans le texte")...
... and a few 'pervenches' img
img Huahinean beaches, always desert...
... hum... almost always ;-) img
img Pineapple,..
...lemons, and... img
img ... bananas from the Villa Pitate
- bananas that friend Tefa put on his back img
img Surf in Huahine Nui
( Nooo.. stay calm ; this one is a joke ! ;-) )
The Surf in Huahine Nui, it is rather that : img




img Friend Moana, his 'porky'...
... and his 'doggy' img
img Viewed from the ocean, the bay of Fare...
... and some of its (more or less temporary) residents img
img A huahinean Tiki...
... nearby a giant oyster' shell which is full of tropical fruits img
img Still concerning the 'Fruits' topic, here is a "Uru" (says 'Ourou') - which, once cooked over a woodfire, is delightfull...
... as is delightfull the 'house made' raw fish from the Villa Pitate img
img Dawn over the lagoon
A stormy, bronze sunset over the (ex "English Geographical) Society Islands" img
img Visitors of the Villa Pitate, friends Rudy and Ilona...
... at the day of their wedding in Polynesia ! img
img Wide open on the infinite of the Pacific Ocean, the bay of Maroe...
... with, in the middle of its pass, a "motu" (small island) img
img Exploring friend Stef's Tatoo, a Gecko (lizard) baby...
... and cruising nearby the beach, a ray (photo by K.) img
img Polynesian sky, in the early evening
Three "vahine" (ladies), between smiles and laughs - as usually.. img
img Huahinean waters, where - sometimes - a ship of the Navy gets lost...
... when it is not a few shark-babies img
img Huahinean fishermen-to-be...
... and divers-to-be img
img And it works !
(... after that, Huahine has nothing else to envy to Cuba...)
No... this is not "Jesus walking over the waters"
This is a vahine who rejoins the shore, after a dive...
img A double Hibiscus...
.. and some Tipaniers from the Villa Pitate img
img And in front of the so-called Villa, an angling party...
... or a Kite-Surf session img
img "How poor we are !", dixit friend Carlos ;-)
A pink (!) small boat, in Maroe img
img The Post office, in Fare...
The stony peak nammed "Hiro' sex", this being due to its quite suggestive sheap...
Concerning the same topic, "Huahine" (would) signify "the woman' sex" (Hua-Hine)
img The richness of acquatic ...
... and vegetal flora img
img Taking back up of some fishing nets, in the bay of Maroe...
... as in the lagoon of Fare img
img Bay of Maroe - one of the "handmade" docks
While leaving the Villa Pitate img
img And here to serve you, in a local "mufty",
... your two WebMasters img